Do Goodly Dips

Here's their story:

We’re on a mission to create great tasting products with purpose, that’s why we called ourselves Do Goodly. We’ve always enjoyed eating and sharing healthy, delicious food with family and friends and aim to bring this passion into creating a range of plant powered dips that are consciously and ethically made.

At Do Goodly, we want to ensure that as well as being good for you, we do good for the planet too. We’re committed to reducing food waste in our ingredients and always use recyclable and where possible recycled materials in our packaging. We also donate 10% of our profits to mental health charity Mind, which is a cause very close to our hearts and supports our belief in a healthy body and healthy mind.

Each delicious Do Goodly dip is handmade in small batches in Britain from simple, natural ingredients and is stacked with nutrients to superpower your day. Whether you’re having a snack on the go, at work, looking for healthier options for your child, or sharing with family and friends, Do Goodly is for you.

Handmade in Wales
Mewn pob daioni y mae gwobr – There’s reward in every goodness
We’re proudly based in Crosshands, Llanelli and actively support Welsh language