About Us

The Convenient Way To Get Great Food & Support Your Local

Boxini is the one place to find delicious, fresh groceries from independent, local shops in South Wales delivered straight to your doorstep. We’ve assembled a lovingly curated selection of top-notch food and drink suppliers for you to choose from, all packaged up in our signature Boxini.

Not only is this a convenient way to shop for all your favourite local independent produce in one place, Boxini offers a place of discovery for new, exciting and up coming brands in the Cardiff area.

It’s all about supporting your local. We understand that it can be difficult to get the time to shop on the local high street or farmers market every week. Fear not, Boxini has you covered and will deliver all of your chosen items to your door.

How It Works

It’s simple: sign up, take a look around our user friendly online store. Fill your Boxini, and check-out. Our friendly, reliable delivery team will deliver straight to you.

That means no more trudging around the shops. No more queuing up. No more waiting around at home for lots of different deliveries to arrive. We’ll bring the best of local straight to your door in one convenient Boxini.

Our Suppliers

All of our suppliers have been chosen for their commitment to producing food to the highest standard of quality and taste.

Boxini ensures that all suppliers that feature on their website must fulfil the requirements of the 5 P’s:

  • Passionate
  • Produce quality
  • Proximity
  • Proper people
  • Pretty… good at what they do!

Our Ethos

Boxini celebrates and promotes local independents and enjoys the freshest quality ingredients, which has been lost by the supermarkets. You can still shop at your favourite local haunts but Boxini will be on hand if you don’t have the time to visit them or you’d like to discover some new fantastic independent vendors.

Environmental Impact & Food Waste

Our meat suppliers practice regenerative agriculture techniques that have the highest animal welfare standards. The way the animal is farmed gives the meat exceptional flavour and a higher nutritional value.

Boxini also operates on a ‘Zero Food Waste’ policy. We can achieve this because customers place an order two days before delivery. This allows the farmers and food producers’ time to prepare your individual orders, meaning there is absolutely no food waste.

Our Delivery Boxes

Please don’t throw away our delivery boxes. They will fold up nice and neatly for easy flat packed storage. To fold, simply push in either side of the box. If you have a delivery the following week please leave it out for the driver and we will collect for you. 

Boxini Founders

Dominic and Dan Gambarini founded Boxini in 2020. They come from a family history of butchers, bakers, green grocers and restaurateurs; so they understand the importance of supporting independent businesses and have a passion for exceptional, fresh and local produce.