Large Dark & White Sourdough (800g)
Alex Gooch

Large Dark & White Sourdough (800g)

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An open-textured sourdough with a beautiful, flavoursome crust and a pleasant nutty flavour. The Dark & White is a 75% hydration loaf that ferments for 18 hours. The dough is mixed by the Head Baker or Senior Artisan Bakers. After bulk fermentation, weighing and shaping by the bakery team they have their final prove in wood pulp proving baskets before being hearth-baked on fire bricks at 240 degrees for 35 to 55 minutes depending on weight. 

Allergy Information

All Alex Gooch produce contains almonds and gluten in the recipe. They may also contain traces of other nuts and seeds (including sesame). All products may contain milk and/or eggs.

Photography: Cristian Barnett