Smoky Dijon Mustard - Halen Mon (250g)
Halen Mon

Smoky Dijon Mustard - Halen Mon (250g)

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Awarded 3 Gold Stars in 2019 Great Taste Awards, the highest accolade in the Oscars of the food world.

A classic dijon mustard blended with our award-winning Smoked Water. A slick in a ham sandwich gives a smoky bite, or just a dab will make a potato salad sing.

Described by the Great Taste judges as having 'a bold mustard aroma, followed by heat and sea salt. Then we wait and up come smoked notes and a completely different layer of flavour - which lingers and is very measured..' We'll take that!

Ingredients - mustard seeds, Halen Môn Oak Smoked water, water, vinegar, Halen Môn oak smoked sea salt PDO