Sriracha Stock Cubes (66g) - Kallo

Sriracha Stock Cubes (66g) - Kallo

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Sea Salt, Sustainable Palm Oil *, Vegetables* (Tomato*, Onion*, Red Pepper* 0.6%), Potato Starch*, Spices* (Garlic* 3%, Chilli* 2%, Turmeric*), Sugar*, Yeast Extract*, Chilli Natural Flavour, *Certified Organic

Just So You Know:
Our palm oil is responsibly sourced and we're certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.
RSPO - Certified Sustainable Palm Oil™, Certified RSPO 4-0147-11-100-00
EU Organic - ES-ECO-026-VAS, EU/Non EU Agriculture
Spicy & Sweet
Plant Based
No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
No added MSG
Gluten & lactose free
For Curries, Chillis & More
Add Taste, Nothing Else
Vegetarian and vegan friendly