Torro Blanco 440ml Can - 4.4%
Bar 44

Torro Blanco 440ml Can - 4.4%

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Whilst on a visit to Cádiz in 2012, Tom & Owen visited a craft beer exhibition, having no idea that the craft beer revolution in Spain was fast growing in momentum across the country. To date, there are around 400 producers most of which were concentrated in Catalonia but this has expanded exponentially into all the major cities and small villages throughout Spain.
This got them wondering if Bar 44 could make their own Spanish craft beer in Wales. On their return home, they did lots of research into what makes Spanish craft beers so unique, the hops and the ingredients the Spanish producers were working with.
In 2013, they began working with a local brewery in Llantrisant, South Wales to develop their very own Spanish craft pale ale - Toro Blanco


Tasting notes & pairings
Toro blanco abv 4.6%, 440ml
Brewed to a Spanish recipe with superb depth & character
Colour: Straw coloured
Tasting: A crisp, hoppy & citrusy pale with hints of lychee and tropical fruits
Pairing: Great with fish & grilled meats