Welsh Handmade Butter (200g)
Ty Tanglwyst

Welsh Handmade Butter (200g)

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Ty Tanglwyst's own herd of cows are milked and then churned to create a handmade artisan butter. The process is done in a short period of time for maximum quality, freshness and flavour. 

Ty Tanglwyst has been farmed by the Lougher family for the last four generations. We are a traditional Welsh family dairy farm, with a herd of pedigree Holstein cows.

The farm comprises of 25 acres of ancient oak woodland which is under a conservation management scheme. The remaining 125 acres is lush green pastureland. This grassland is largely divided by ancient hedgerows to create a patchwork of paddocks, which are grazed by our cows and young calves.